Selling or Closing Your Catering Company?

Talk to us instead. We'll help you exit gracefully.

Sell Your Houston, TX Catering Co

Deciding to close or sell your catering company isn't an easy decision.

The Cash Flow Problem

Covid-19 is making it impossible to hang on for catering companies. There's just not enough money to wait it out, but you don't want to leave your clients hanging either. You can't afford to give their deposits back, but you can't afford to put on the wedding or event.

Now What?

You've taken care of your customers for years. You've built a strong brand and client base, and catered dozens or hundreds of events. Why not hand off all of your hard work and get something for it? Plus you'll know your clients are going to be taken care of going forward.

We're Interested

That's where we come in. So before you decide to hang it up, let's talk about how we can work together to salvage your booked events, client lists, digital assets (like your brand/website) and even your catering kitchen, particularly if you're ready to sell it.

Ready to Discuss Your Options?

There's no obligation, and we won't share your information with anyone.

Is This You?

We're looking for Houston area caterer companies with:

  • Quality products and (pre-Covid) solid margins,
  • Good-to-Great reviews,
  • Strong client relationships,
  • Processes and systems,
  • Facilities and equipment (optional).