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A smiling woman holding a tray of dessert glasses at a gathering, with two other women interacting in the background. It's a delightful scene that perfectly captures the essence of an event hosted by A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX.

The People

Event planning & production is a team sport, and many of A La Carte Events & Catering's team members have been around since we were founded in 2010. That means they know precisely how to take care of your guests.

Withing A La Carte, you'll find people that are passionate about food, service, and decor. Everyone's on the same page, and that collective experience ensures your event is executed to a tee.

As a bonus, we match you to an event planner that specializes in the type of party you are planning.

Small portions of shrimp garnished with greens are served on clear plastic spoons, elegantly arranged on a silver platter, reflecting the exceptional service synonymous with About A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX.

The Food

If you're looking for the best seasonal, scratch-made catering, then you're in the right place. Food is important to us. So if it is to you too, let's design a delicious menu together.

Our food catering company in Houston, TX, has repeated a full menu only once, and that was because the client wanted to.

A person pours red wine from a bottle into a wine glass at an elegant gathering, showcasing the sophistication of About A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX.

The Culture

A La Carte Events & Catering has a strong culture centered around pleasing all of our guests, not just the one paying. Team members actively try to anticipate guests' needs. Sometimes that means refilling a glass before it's empty, and sometimes that's meant collaborating with frequent entertainers on up-and-coming trends.

Interested in learning more about the core team or the charities we actively support? There is a list of non-profits that we actively support at the bottom of the page.


A logo featuring the text "Women Owned" with a colorful circular design above it, indicating certification by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council, proudly displayed on materials About A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX.
Did You Know?

A La Carte Events & Catering is a Woman-Owned Business

WBEA, HUB certified

Ready to get started?

A La Carte Events & Catering Gives Back

Many of the team members at A La Carte Events & Catering are huge animal lovers, so naturally we gravitate to pet charities, including Rescued Pet Movement, Pup Squad, Scout's Honor and Lucky Dog Rescue.

We love the fine arts, support ALL Texans and helping to enrich children's lives. Do you work with a non-profit that could use some help? Please tell us more.

A woman smiles while holding a small brown and white puppy, her black t-shirt reading "FOSTER ME" in bold white letters. The background is blurred, evoking the warmth and community spirit often seen at events hosted by A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX.

Rescued Pets Movement

A La Carte Events & Catering is honored to work with RPM every year on their Chefs for Paws fundraiser. This amazing organization takes animals off of the streets of Houston and places them in loving homes across the country.

Five children standing outdoors, smiling and wearing colorful t-shirts with the Boys & Girls Club logo, enjoy an event catered by A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX.

Boys’ & Girls’ Club

What better way to support Houston than through helping our youngest residents be the best they can be?

A black abstract sculpture is in the foreground, with a city skyline and green grassy area in the background, showcasing the artistic beauty you'll experience with About A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX.

Houston Arts Alliance

HAA supports arts initiatives across the Houston area, beautifying our city and contributing to its reputation as a world-class destination for the arts. We're proud to support them.

A brown dog with a white chest and pink collar lies on green grass, reminiscent of an idyllic day perfect for About A La Carte Events & Catering in Houston, TX.

Pup Squad

We love animals and are a proud sponsor of Pup Squad's annual Mutts & Martinis. Each year it features three specialty martinis, plus wine, beer, bubbly, meet & greets with adoptable dogs, a large wine pull and loaded silent auction. Join us!

Two hands painted with rainbow colors form a heart shape against a white background, capturing the vibrant spirit seen in events by A La Carte Events & Catering in Houston, TX.


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Several empty champagne flutes arranged beside a sign that reads "Hello Houston! Thanks for welcoming Weston Stationary to your city! A special thanks goes out to About A La Carte Events & Catering Houston TX for making this event possible.

Your Non-Profit

Are you interested in having A La Carte Events & Catering help you host a fund-raising event? Please contact us with the details: planner@alchouston.com.

Our Promise to You

A La Carte Events & Catering takes a long-term view of relationships with clients. Any given month, half of the events we do are for repeat clients. It's our job to learn your favorite wine, how you like the leftovers stashed, and what Pandora station you want playing when guests arrive. We guarantee to show you the ways you can save, and where experience has taught us to splurge, and we guarantee to do to our very best to make your event a smashing success. Our job is to make you the star of the party.

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